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SAS Training

Enigma Consulting Group provides courses, seminars and workshops, on-site at our client premises. We can tailor courses to specific needs and use client data to create an insightful learning experience. All our trainers are full-time employees and are part of our delivery teams meaning that the courses they deliver will have real case studies.


Our Instructors

•   Experts in their field and have used SAS for many years

•   Have real-life examples that they bring to the classroom

•   Are permanent employees of Enigma Consulting Group and are all SAS certified

•   Follow an extensive internal training programme


Our Course Materials

•   Structured in modules enabling us to incorporate any degree of customisation

•   Organised into sessions, lectures and workshops

•   Colour training materials and fully indexed

•   Courses are written from many years of experience


To view our training catalogues please click here.

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