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Otherwise known as corporate citizenship, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) refers to how a company operates in terms of the environment and the wider community. Our mission at Enigma is to provide the best service when it comes to being a solution provider for all you data needs, and our vision is to be the most recognised agency when it comes to doing this. We, at  Enigma are passionate about what we do and pride ourselves on excellence, loyalty, and creativity.

We are also passionate about having a positive impact on the community and those around us. We believe that we should give back to our local community and help protect our planet. Because of this, corporate social responsibility is very important to us.


Charity Partners

Not only do we invest both hard cash and resources into fundraising but we also more laterally support our key charity partners:


The Sick Children’s Trust was founded in 1982 by two pediatric specialists, Dr Jon Pritchard, and Professor James Malpas, who believed that having parents on hand during hospital treatment benefited a child’s recovery. We are the longest-serving charity providing ‘Home from Home’ accommodation in the UK.  The Sick Children’s Trust currently has eight houses offering clean, comfortable accommodation where the whole family can stay close to their sick child’s bedside, just minutes away from the pediatric wards. We are constantly looking for opportunities to extend our geographical coverage or to improve our existing facilities in light of changes in pediatric care provision.

Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund primarily aims to make a positive difference in the lives of children suffering from cancer or leukaemia by offering practical, financial, and emotional support to the whole family.


Mentoring and Work Experience

Many of our CSR initiatives directly harness our recruitment expertise. These include mentoring schemes for young people with behavioural problems and disadvantaged backgrounds and ‘back-to-work’ CV-writing and interview courses for young people. We also have a graduate intake every year in as well as carry out work placements and are affiliated with a number of Universities across South East Asia. To date, we have helped over 800 interns in just our Malaysia office alone.

At Enigma, we believe the recruitment industry has a responsibility to help young people secure work placements and employment and that’s why we’re using our position to help them fulfill their potential and start building their careers.


Dignity at Work

We are committed to creating a work environment that’s free from harassment and bullying, where everyone is treated equally, with dignity and respect. Harassment and bullying can have serious effects on individuals and our wider organisation. It can cause unhappiness at work and home, stress, and can impact health, family, and relationships. As a company, there can be a loss of morale, poor performance, increased staff turnover, legal claims and damage to our reputation. That’s why we won’t tolerate harassment and bullying of any kind.

Any allegations are given priority, and investigated and disciplinary action will be taken if necessary.



We fully understand the impact our business has on the environment. We want to ensure that this impact is reduced through clear communication of our environmental policy to staff, clients and suppliers where we also encourage them to do the same.

We comply with all relevant legislation, regulation and requirements not just in the UK but across the whole of South East Asia to make sure we act in a socially responsible manner.


Our environmental policy is reviewed regularly to ensure we are constantly improving our environmental performance.

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