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Descriptive Statistics with Base SAS


This webinar is intended for SAS users who wish to understand the functionality of the Base SAS procedures: MEANS, SUMMARY, UNIVARIATE and FREQ to calculate and report


By the end of this webinar, you will have an increased understanding of how to use Base SAS procedures for the calculation of various descriptive statistics that apply to continuous data.



  • SAS Procedures Used

  • Statistical Terminology Used

  • Types of Data

Summarising Data into Groups

  • Basic Syntax

  • Classifying Data with CLASS and TYPES Statements

  • Classifying Data using Reference Tables and Formats

  • Saving Results with Automatically Named and Labelled Statistics

  • Saving Results for Many Variables with Varying Statistics to Many Output Tables.

Summarising the Distribution of Data

  • Basic Syntax

  • Choosing between Standard Error of the Mean and the Standard Deviation

  • Summarising Normality of Data

  • Confidence Limits for Mean of Normal Data

  • Confidence Limits for the Median of Non-Normal Data

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