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Advanced Report Writing with SAS



This course is appropriate for SAS programmers who wish to produce professional summary tables and data listings with SAS. Attendees of this course should be familiar with the concepts of Proc REPORT, Proc TABULATE and the ODS.  Ideally attendees should have attended the Fundamental Report Writing course or equivalent.



Customising ODS Style Templates

  • Introduction

  • Creating a Style Definition using Proc TEMPLATE

  • Storing and Applying Styles

  • Workshop Session



  • Introduction

  • Changing Style Attributes

  • Specifying Subscripts and Superscripts

  • Controlling Line Breaks and Page Numbering

  • Hanging Indents

  • Workshop Session


DATA Step Reports

  • Traditional DATA STEP Reports

  • Using the DATA STEP ODS Interface

  • Creating more Complex Reports

  • Workshop Session


Advanced Tabulate and Report Techniques

  • Creating Reports with Visual Indicators

  • The Power of COMPUTE Blocks in Proc REPORT

  • Controlling the Styles of Row and Column Totals

  • Decimal Alignment with RTF Output

  • Creating Banded Reports

  • Workshop Session

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