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Fundamental SAS + SQL


Ideally the delegate will have attended the SAS Fundamentals course and have three to six months of SAS programming exposure..


This course covers Proc SQL in detail, concentrating on the use of SQL for existing SAS Programmers. Traditional SAS Data steps and Proc steps are compared with using Proc SQL and efficiency issues are discussed.


lntroduction to Proc SQL

  • Introduction to Proc SQL

  • Concepts

  • Features of Proc SQL

  • Course Overview

Other SQL Statements

  • Creating Tables

  • SQL Views

  • Deleting Tables and Views

  • Changing Data in Tables

  • Changing the Structure of Tables

  • RESET Statement

Selecting Data From a Single Table

  • Clauses in the Select Statement

  • Simple Examples

  • SELECT Clause

  • FROM Clause

  • WHERE Clause

  • ORDER BY Clause

  • GROUP BY Clause

  • HAVING Clause

  • SAS Data Set Options

  • Other Topics

  • Further Examples

Creating and Using Macro Variables

  • Selecting INTO

  • Lists Using SEPARATED BY
    Macro Variables Set by Proc SQL

Joining Data From Two Tables

  • The FROM Clause revisited

  • Inner Joins

  • Outer Joins

  • Equivalent Data Steps

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