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We provide analytical consultancy across four areas of analytical competence:


Marketing Analytics

We will simulate an “interactive world” where we can predict what consumers will do and how they will respond. In essence, we will predict their behaviour which will ensure your marketing division can make the best decisions every time.


Customer Management

We will help you to become more customer-centric by assisting in creating a data-driven approach for managing customer relationships. Our solutions enable you to understand the drivers of customer behaviour and the potential. We can then help you to act on these insights at the “moment of truth”. By exploiting the power of analytics, you can efficiently acquire the right customers, maximize their value, and profitably retain your most valuable customers.

Risk Management

We will enhance and implement a risk management approach across the account’s lifecycle from acquisition to managing collections and write-offs. We can build and validate analytical models that can be used to effectively to reduce risks and eliminate the need for judgmental assessment​


Pricing Optimisation

We can provide you with analytic tools to help evaluate price momentum throughout the cash cycle. We can improve pricing for new and existing products with value-based pricing principles, pricing audits as well as developing effective pricing strategies. This, in turn, will tell you what is the critical pricing point relative to the market? If price changes, what effect does that have on sales volume to the business as well as what is your brand price elasticity and how does it compare with the competition?


Text Analysis

We build custom text analysis software that helps you extract meaning from text data thus increasing the speed at which you can carry out reporting and analysis. Our NLP solutions allow you to incorporate customer-centric initiatives such as customer feedback analysis, customer support automation, information access, semantic search.



We are focused on working in six industries – Financial Services, Insurance, CPG & Retail, Telecom, Public Sector & Government

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