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Fundamental Report Writing with SAS


This course is appropriate for SAS programmers who wish to create summary tables and data listings with SAS and learn through structured, example led training.


Attendees of this course should be familiar with the concepts of using procedures in Base SAS.  Ideally attendees will be trained to the SAS Fundamentals level at least.


Introduction to Report Writing

  • Proc Report versus Proc Tabulate versus the Data Step

  • What is the Output Delivery System?

  • Best Practices for Report Presentation

  • Getting Started with Proc REPORT

  • Getting Started with Proc TABULATE

  • Getting Started with ODS

  • Workshop Session

Further Proc Report

  • Controlling Classification Levels

  • Working with Analysis Variables

  • Breaking Reports on Groupings

  • Working with Across Variables

  • Using Compute Blocks

  • Workshop Session

Raw Data Listings with Proc Report

  • Procedure Syntax, Options and Statistics

  • Creating a Basic Listing

  • Ordering Data

  • Controlling the Appearance of Columns

  • Creating Labels for Groups of Columns

  • Workshop Session

Further Proc Tabulate

  • The Consequences of Missing Values

  • Working with Page Dimensions

  • Calculating Percentages

  • Workshop Session

Creating Summary Tables with Proc Tabulate

  • Procedure Syntax, Options and Statistics

  • Creating Basic Summary Tables

  • Using the All keyword

  • Adding Statistics to Summary Tables

  • Formatting Results

  • Workshop Session

Further Output Delivery System

  • Working with Further ODS Statements

  • Multi-page and 3D Reports

  • Creating Multiple Output Files

  • Basic Style Control with Proc REPORT

  • Basic Style Control with Proc TABULATE

  • Traffic Lighting Techniques

Using the Output Delivery System

  • ODS Syntax

  • Creating Output for Internet Browsers

  • Creating Output for Microsoft Excel

  • Creating Output for Microsoft Word

  • Creating Output for Portable Document Format Files

  • Changing the Appearance of Output

  • Workshop Session

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