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Audience Generation

Webinars, Seminars, Roundtables, Expos or even large-scale events such as Conferences all require a significant budget and are vital for any marketing strategy as it's a vital source of sales leads. As a solution provider, you need to exploit these opportunities to the full, by ensuring that your target job profiles engage with you. 

EnigmaCG has unrivaled experience helping vendors/solution providers who are looking to raise awareness for a product or service and need relevant industry contacts to attend their event. At EnigmaCG you can we know your target audience and approach only the relevant people for your messaging and solution which can dramatically increase the ROI from your investment. Our valuable experience will help you to avoid the scattergun approach to event marketing and avoid your competition. Working together and by listening to what you have to say we will ensure only the right people are invited and only those you want to attend do.

We have a history of delivering successful events, and supporting our clients in driving delegates and audiences whether it be for industry-branded events or ‘intimate’ round tables with like-minded executives.

Appointment Setting

Face-to-face meetings are increasingly difficult to secure especially when it's a cold hard sales meeting. Our solution is to leverage on the relationships we have forged over the years. Our team will engage and build on the existing relationship to understand more about your prospect's business needs, understand their pain points, the timing of their requirements as well potentially what budget has been allocated to solve their pain. Once this data has been collated our team would seamlessly set up a meeting to introduce your team and potentially close the deal. 


Telemarketing is a highly effective channel for B2B businesses to generate sales leads and ask your prospect questions. With the right strategy, it’s practically foolproof, but choosing the agency matters. We know many customers have had bad experiences with telemarketing companies trying to pass off unqualified leads as real leads. We do things differently. At EnigmaCG, we don’t hound people over the phone. Instead, we use telemarketing as part of a multi-touch campaign and gain leverage on the relationships that we already have. We use BANT qualification and follow up on leads to ensure you’re talking to the right person about the right subject. Our clients and your prospects are your future clients - we know our client's pain points, we speak their language and we can communicate highly technical information to the savvy decision-making unit. 

Account Profiling & Contact List Building

Our team will combine desk-based and telephone research, to validate and enhance data. this includes building intelligence on key decision makers, capturing email addresses, account profiling as well as developing marketing qualified leads.

Email Marketing/Targeted LinkedIn Campaign

Lead generation through bespoke email or LinkedIn campaigns to a unique pool of 2.5 million ket Data, IT, Cyber Security in South East Asia. EnigmaCG will provide comprehensive data, expert content writing, and creative design and monitor the campaigns on your behalf.

Contact us below to find out more about how we can help you increase your sales by complimenting your sales tea, and d increase your Return on Investment.

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