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Advanced SAS + SQL


Ideally the delegate will have attended the Fundamental SQL course and have three to six months of regular SAS programming experience


This course covers more advanced uses of SQL relevant to SAS Programmers who wish to build on their base knowledge. Specifically, the course goes into more depth around the subjects of joins, making queries more efficient and also how to use SQL pass-through.



  • Proc SQL

  • Queries

  • Joins

  • Other SQL Statements

Handling Database Tables

  • Pass-Through

  • Sorting Data From External Tables

Joins, Subqueries and In-Line Views

  • Natural Joins

  • Other Joins

  • Set Operators

  • Complex Queries

  • Subqueries

  • In-line Views

Other Topics

  • Efficiency and Timing Performance

  • Execution Control, Error Handling and Exit Status

  • Proc SQL and the ANSI Standard

Handling SAS Tables

  • Indexes

  • Integrity Constraints

  • The DICTIONARY Tables and SASHELP Views

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