Tunnel Fire Masterclass - Underground Transport Facilities (UTF)

Tunnel fires in Europe and across the globe have proven to not just cause panic, destruction but also loss of life. It is therefore imperative that there is a robust strategy for upgrading tunnel fire safety to try and mitigate this as much as possible. As tunnel developments boom across World and road and rail travel gathers momentum, tunnel operators must act now to optimize fire protection and safety.

After the tremendous response received for Tunnel: Safety and Fire Protection Conference in last 2 years, EnigmaCG is proud to host a Masterclass on Tunnel Fire on 16-17th October 2017 , in Berlin, Germany. This is an opportunity for industry experts from around the world to gather, learn, share ideas and exchange thoughts and views from one another but also to hear what the The International Fire Academy - Europe‘s leading fire academy recommends in situations that may arise.

Why you should attend:
  • Real Life case studies from the trainer’s experience.
  • To improve Tunnel Safety results.
  • To provide an independent approach for managing Risks.
  • To safeguard Safety and mitigate the risk of failures.
  • Explore Fire Protection for Metro/Road/Railway Tunnels.
  • 5 hours+ Networking session with other industry peers and sharing best practices.
Trainer Name : MARKUS VOGT

Head of Consulting/Instructor, International Fire Academy January 2009 – to date in Balsthal, Switzerland The International Fire Academy is Europe‘s leading fire academy where experts get trained in underground transportation facilities. They specialise in the development of tactics, techniques, policies and incident training for operating in underground traffic systems. It is considered the leading centre of excellence for its work with tunnel fires. In cooperation with fire services from Switzerland and Europe, the International Fire Academy has developed and published a specialised tunnel operations procedure which is internationally accepted.

The International Fire Academy is an educational partner of the federal road office (ASTRA), Swiss federal railways (SBB) and several fire service training schools within Europe.

Each year, more than 2000 firefighters are trained under “real” conditions at the tactical centre and tunnel training facilities in Balsthal and Lungern, learning how to approach incidents in road and train tunnels.

    • Head of Consulting / Instructor
      • Consultation
      • Acquisition
      • Training
      • Development
    • Personal background as a firefighter
      • Fire chief of a volunteer fire brigade (Allschwil, 20‘000 residents)
      • Instructor at the fire fighter association Basel
      • Commander and Officers training & practice


Where and when

16 – 17th October, 2017 in Berlin, Germany

More details

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