Project Management is required when you are not delivering the full potential value in most organizations. Projects consistently run late are over budget and/or fail to deliver the full value for which they were undertaken to achieve. This course is a graduate level a face to face course designed to develop a practical understanding in how to integrate projects with on-going operations, with the objective to achieve strategic business results. The course will demonstrate real life applications of the “best tested and proven” tools and techniques, using a structured process based approach, enabling participants to experiment in using these tools & techniques.

Why you should attend:
  • Aligning projects to achieving strategic business results
  • Aligning contractors and vendors with Owners goals and objectives
  • Developing more realistic cost estimates and budgets
  • Developing more realistic time estimates and budgets
  • Optimizing delivery times without compromising safety or quality
  • Making better decisions in times of uncertainty and change.
The Trainer

He is a Senior Technical Advisor (Project Management) to PT Mitratata Citragraha. (PTMC), Jakarta, Indonesia. He is noted for the development and presentation of graduate level, blended learning curricula designed for mid-career path, English as Second Language (ESL) professionals to develop competency in the local practitioner and build capacity for the local organizations. For 20+ years, he has been providing Project Management training and consulting throughout South and Eastern Asia, the Middle East, West Africa and Europe.

Where and when

5th -6th October 2015, Papa New Guinea

More details

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