Project Negotiation – Series 1

Negotiation skills are learned throughout our lives. As a child we learn ways to get our parent’s attention. We "negotiate" our way to get what we want verbally or through our body language. We grow up learning and often the hard way, realizing that the work environment is somehow quite different, wider in scope, poses more challenges, subtle and often unforgiving. 

Why you should attend:
  • Higher project success rate
  • Consistency & predictability
  • Project is more purposeful
  • Greater stakeholder satisfaction
  • Higher levels of quality delivery
The Trainer

Our trainer is a seasoned professional director and Project Delivery Partner with 20 years of Programme and Project Management experience that has included people, processes and technology. He has formal training in Project Management and Accountancy that helps in Project Financials, Stakeholders’ management, Quality/Risk/Procurement Management, Systems Analysis and Design, and Project Management of Application Systems deployment.

Where and when

20th -21st April 2015, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

More details

As this was a very successful programme we shall be having a rerun of it shortly. For more information or to preregister please fill in the registration form. You will also receive a link to download the full agenda.

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