Practical Top Down & Bottom Up Cost Estimating – For Owners & Contractors


This 2 day (16 classroom hours) seminar will provide a series of “hands on” workshops to demonstrate how to create cost estimates using the latest “best tested and proven” practices. It looks at cost estimating from both the Owner’s perspective (“Top Down”) as well as from the perspective of a Contractor (“Bottom Up”) The fundamental tools and techniques demonstrated and practices in this course will help the attendees gain an understanding of cutting edge cost estimating concepts, practices and methodology, including developments using Building Information Modeling (BIM). This course will leave the practitioner with Excel templates to help them with their cost estimates.

Why you should attend:
  • Using the WBS as the basis of your Cost Estimate
  • How to create a Cost Estimating Model;
  • How to customize or adapt the Cost Estimating Tools to your project needs
  • Applying the Cost Estimate to create a Baseline Budget
  • Work Package Estimating and Control
  • Estimating the Costs and Resources for the Work Package
  • Learning the concepts of Activity Based Costing
  • How to manage Change in Cost, Time, Quality and Scope
  • An understanding of the Cost Baseline as a Management Tool
  • Creating Estimates using Top Down, Parametric, Factored and Bottoms Up methods
Trainer - Dr. Paul D Giammalvo

The trainer is noted for the development and presentation of graduate level, blended learning curricula designed for mid-career path, English as Second Language (ESL) professionals to develop competency in the local practitioner and build capacity for the local organizations. For 20+ years, he has been providing Project Management training and consulting throughout South and Eastern Asia, the Middle East, West Africa and Europe.

Where and when

18-19 Feb 2016, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

More details

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