Point and Click Analytics with SAS Enterprise Guide

This course is designed for new SAS Enterprise Guide users who will be taught how to use the software's native task dialogs and wizards to process, analyse and report data.


Attendees need basic knowledge of computer systems and should be able to use a keyboard and mouse.  No previous knowledge of SAS Software is required; this course is not intended for SAS Programmers.


This course is designed to provide a business insight to using Enterprise Guide.  At the end of this course attendees will be able to build queries from single and multiple data sources.  Attendees will be able to summarise data to present insightful information both in tabular and graphical format.



  • What is SAS Enterprise Guide?
  • Example SAS Enterprise Guide Project
  • Introduction to the Environment
  • What is a Library?
  • SAS Naming Rules
  • Project Handling
  • Process Flow Window
  • Overview of Tasks
  • Workshop Session

Data Mangement

  • Opening and Viewing Data
  • Importing Data into Enterprise Guide
  • Exporting Data from Enterprise Guide
  • Creating and Apllying Formats
  • Formats in Enterprise Guide
  • How Dates and Times are Stored in SAS
  • Workshop Session

Building Queries

  • Filter and Sort vs. Query Builder vs. Sort Tasks
  • Creating Simple Queries
  • Joining Two Tables
  • Creating Computed Columns
  • Workshop Session
  • Register Online