Occupational HSE to Hazard Identification Masterclass

The aim of this course is to give managers a good understanding of the importance of managing health and safety. The underpinning principle of the course is that health and safety is a management responsibility. It will look to demonstrate how organisations can by effectively managing health and safety can see positive results through fewer accidents, less time of due to ill health and positive health and safety culture.

The course will equip delegates with an understanding of their health and safety role, compliance issues and best practice to avoid costly accidents, litigation and reputational damage through the use of case studies and practical examples.

As stated by Dr Tony Barrel after the Piper Alpha Disaster of 1988 accidents are nearly always characterised by lack of forethought, lack of analysis and nearly always the problem comes down to poor management. It’s not just due to one particular person not following a procedure or doing something wrong. You always come back to the fact that things are sloppy, ill organized and unsystematic (up and down the organisation).

The importance of how change is managed from both an operational and organisational perspective will be looked at in detail. Often changes are made to an organisation that might not seem to be particularly important but can have a major impact to the health and safety of the organisations stakeholders.

Measures to improve health and safety through initiatives such as awareness of culture and safety improvement schemes will be looked at and how they can be successfully implemented into the business. The fundamental differences between process and occupational safety will also be explored.

Key Benefits:
  • Demonstrate the impact of management involvement in health and safety.
  • Effective management of risk.
  • Involving employees in health and safety.
  • The importance of health and safety management system.
  • Be able to investigate accidents and ensure that measures are put in place to prevent a recurrence.
Why you should attend:

Anyone involved at the management level would benefit from attending the course although it is primarily designed for managers operating at policy and strategic levels within all business sectors to understand the importance of managing health and safety from a moral, economic and legal perspective. This will in turn lead to a reduction in risk and liability.

Trainer Name : David Mattock

David Mattock is a Graduate in Maritime Studies from Cardiff University. He has a background in logistics, operations management, engineering and process safety in the oil and gas sectors. David worked for Kuwait Petroleum (GB) from 1997 – 2005. In 2007 he set up his own health and safety consultancy company called Beacon Safety Consulting. Beacon specialises in health and safety consultancy in the oil and gas sectors and has worked for organisations including the Oil and Pipelines Agency, Chevron, NuStar Energy, Certas Energy, Advanced Insulation and EDF. Beacon Safety Consulting’s business is split between training and competent person work.

Since 1999 David has been working in health and safety. He is a Chartered Member of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (CMIOSH) and is on the UK Governments Occupational Health and Safety Consultants Register (OSHCR).

David’s company runs a number of courses including the NEBOSH International General Certificate, NEBOSH Environmental Certificate, NEBOSH International Certificate in Oil and Gas Operational Safety, IOSH Managing Safely and tailored courses such as IOSH Working Safely in the Oil and Gas Industries.

Competent person work carried out by David’s organisation includes the production of safety reports, carried out hazard studies (including Hazard and Operability Studies (HAZOPS), bow-tie’s and Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)).

David uses a combination of theory and practical knowledge to make training as relevant as possible to his delegates.

Currently David lives in Cheltenham in the UK with his wife and two teenage childen.

Where and when

15 – 16th September, 2016 in Munich, Germany

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