Mobile Marketing – Toolkit and strategies for business growth

This two-day seminar provides an appreciation of the mobile marketing landscape, its current trends, future projections and opportunities for businesses. We’ll consider the mobile marketing impact for B2B and B2C businesses. At the end of the seminar, you’ll come away with not only mobile marketing best practices but actionable tips on how to develop mobile marketing strategies and campaigns for targeted traffic, better user engagement and an increase in conversion.

Research shows that the intent, expectations and inclinations of mobile users are different from that of desktop users. Besides getting the corporate site mobile ready, in light of Mobilegeddon, there is an array of tools available for running mobile marketing campaigns. Some businesses use mobile marketing for add-on campaigns while others adopt an overall mobile-first approach. In this seminar, we’ll refer to case studies and discuss the use of mobile coupons, text messaging campaigns, location based social media, mobile videos, mobile apps, mobile web, push notifications, QR codes, mobile advertising, mobile search and the some integration of the above.

These tools can be used at different stage of the business growth to increase brand awareness, build user database, improve user engagement, launch products, and transact mobile commerce, which is on track to reach $77 billion this year. Rapidly changing technology is helping businesses get up close and person with consumers. The continual use of mobile devices has become so much integrated into the lives of consumers that it is only wise to include mobile marketing strategies into your total marketing plan. This works best when it is integrated with local and social media marketing.

Why you should attend:
  • Explore mobile marketing within integrated marketing.
  • Understand how mobile devices are influencing the buyers’ journey.
  • Appreciate current and emerging trends in mobile marketing.
  • Be aware of the different mobile marketing tools available.
  • Understand how these can be used for mobile campaigns.
  • Discuss real life examples, case studies and draw actionable lessons.
  • Avoid making costly and understand legal issues in using mobile marketing.
  • Learn how mobile fits into the larger digital marketing mix.
  • And understand how this is affecting the B2B market (B2B Decision-Makers Rely on Mobile Devices).
  • Know how to take advantage of mobile internet.
  • Network and hear how other delegates are using digital marketing successfully.
  • Have your most pressing questions addressed with Louisa during Q&A sessions.
The Trainer

The trainer is an online coach who specializes in the corporate leadership and social media arena. A certified Content Marketing Professional (with Copyblogger Media LLB), and a Professional Coach (endorsed by the International Coaching Federation), she holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Major in MIS) from McGill University, Canada and a Masters in Education from Sheffield University, UK.

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