Investigative Interviewing Technique Workshop

This workshop introduces core knowledge and context and is aimed at those working within financial disciplines who undertake audits, compliance interviews, risk assessments, supervisory interviews and investigative interviews – ‘conversations with a purpose’ – and who recognise the clear business benefits and added value to their organisation and staff.

Enigma will outline the detail of this process, demonstrating how to maximize opportunity to capture

detailed information in a forensically robust, ethical, and transparent manner; emphasizing and evidencing the benefits of recording the process accurately, and how to ‘test’ the accuracy and honesty of the people you have just interview.

Why you should attend:
  • Develop their appreciation of effective communication skills.
  • Understand the PEACE model of interviewing and appreciate its application in the workplace.
  • Recognize the added value, security, and risk reduction of recording interviews.
  • Appreciate the business benefit of an applied strategic interview structure.
  • Know how to implement that strategy within their respective business structures.
The Trainer

A well versed professional with over 10 years’ experience from a leading European taskforce. He is a Tier 3 specialist and a leader in his field for delivering the P.E.A.C.E investigative methodology in Europe and in Asia.

Where and when

24th – 25th August, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

More details

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