Innovative & incentive Contracting – From The Sellers & Buyers Perspective


This 2 day (14 classroom hour) seminar is intended to introduce the key concepts and fundamentals that need to be understood in order to understand, develop and implement innovative and incentive contracting methods within an organization by applying the principles of performance based payments. This course is designed for EITHER Owners (Buyers of goods or services) or Contractors/Vendors (Sellers of goods or services)

Why you should attend:
  • The link between scope definition, contracting types and risk sharing/management
  • 7 Essential Principles behind successful innovative and incentive contracting;
  • How to avoid/minimize claims and disputes through incentive contracting;
  • How to develop and support “performance based” compensation systems;
  • How to align subcontractor/vendor performance to strategic goals of the organization;
  • How to use Earned Value Management as a key element of the pay for performance concepts;
  • How to measure performance using 360 or Balanced Scorecard methods.
Trainer - Dr. Paul D Giammalvo

The trainer is noted for the development and presentation of graduate level, blended learning curricula designed for mid-career path, English as Second Language (ESL) professionals to develop competency in the local practitioner and build capacity for the local organizations. For 20+ years, he has been providing Project Management training and consulting throughout South and Eastern Asia, the Middle East, West Africa and Europe.

Where and when

15-16 Feb 2016, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

More details

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