Improving Organisational Efficiency & Effectiveness with Dr.Tony Miller

A Process Approach to Successful Organisations

This innovative new training program by Dr Tony Miller is designed to support human resources (HR) functions in an organisational setting. The invaluable techniques and processes learnt will enable any HR department to improve their value, and develop a cohesive, effective HR team that works strategically to meet business goals. Process techniques taught will give you the ability to analyse and improve the significance of HR process activities and refine them for maximum output. Often HR functions are undervalued and not well marketed in their organisation – new techniques and processes will show you how that can change. This is not a program only for HR personnel but for any manager who wants to improve efficiency, maximise effectiveness and increase profits.

  • Acquire the tools & techniques to be a true process master
  • Be able to show others the financial value of HR activities
  • Put into operation ideas that will really add value to the business
  • Be able to upgrade two critical HR process when you return from this program
  • Take steps to market the HR department’s financial value
Course Objectives

At the end of this program you will be able to:

  • Apply a Return on investment formula (ROI) to any HR activity and demonstrate the result to others
  • Radically improve performance appraisal systems and others to provide key strategic information on employee competence and performance through KPI’s or Dash Boards
  • Master and be able to carry out process analysis on any existing HR process with a view to improving it
  • Examine across the organisation the number of people employed and do a right size model and explain the results
  • Demonstrate a new approach to the recruitment process and show how it can add value and improve the organisations talent growth
  • Master several techniques that will make your organisations employees more effective.
Trainer Name : Dr. Tony Miller

Dr.Tony Miller, adjunct Professor, MBA, FCIPD, FinstAM, MRSH, MAPS, MBPS, FILM has spent most of his international career in business consulting, training and development, working in public and private sectors. Dr. Miller has a degree in engineering, and is a Masters and Doctorate in Occupational Psychology.

Tony Miller has decades of experience as an International management performance consultant has enabled him to work at strategic level with Government bodies, national committees, Financial Regulators, on EU projects and with blue chip companies worldwide. He has appeared on television and in a number of documentaries, and directed the EU video “Model for European Business Success”. He is the author of numerous published articles in professional journals and joint author of a number of professional psychology reports on achieving productivity improvements in organisations. He featured regularly in the International HR Croners publications as an expert specialising in improving performance through people. He has published thirteen management books, his most recent book on Human Resources was published in April 2016. Tony’s ability to continually create outstanding performance though people has resulted winning a number of European awards, including being the first to obtain the European Investor In People award. In 2015 he designed a mathematical model to enable any organisation to calculate the optimum number of employees for their business.

Training Methodology

Tony has a very practical approach, using current and relevant case studies, team exercises to reinforce key points in a friendly and supportive environment.

Organisational Impact
  • Employees returning from this program will be able to demonstrate how HR contributes to the organisation – from a financial perspective
  • Introduce alteration to current HR processes to improve the effectiveness to the organisation
  • Be able to report on performance, competence and reliability statistics from existing processes
  • *Be able to show improvements through workflow modelling on how some HR processes have been improved
  • Better able to assist manages to improve productivity with the existing staff.
  • Master and be able to do process mapping and improvement across the organisation
Professional & Career Development
  • Advance your human resource and management skills whilst learning cutting edge approaches and methods.
  • Recognise how HR activities and processes can add value to your organisation’s current business model
  • Master and new tools to aid your enterprise with workflow and process improvements
  • Implement new techniques under the supervision of a world expert in HR efficiency
  • Master how process improvement works and your part in it.
Why you should attend:
  • Any one in HR who is building or advancing their career, managers overseeing the HR departments of their organisations.
  • Senior Personnel who want to know what and how a well-developed HR team and department can really do to add value to an organisation.
Complimentary Programme Material
  • Wall chart of all direct and indirect HR actives that impact the business to get increased productivity
  • Free sample software
  • Free DVD clip on how to upgrade any Performance Appraisal system.
  • Detailed notes with all illustrations used included.
Where and when

14th & 15h September 2016 Munich, Germany

More details

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