Enigma is a corporate finance and banking training provider specialist and offers highly technical and practical bespoke courses to the financial community. Our programmes can be delivered as a public course at any of our training centers or specially arrange in-house training at your offices. We have presented courses for investment bankers, stockbrokers, corporate financial advisors, accountants and corporates globally.

The areas of finance covers all areas of corporate finance (mergers and acquisitions, IPOs, buy-outs, debt financing, restructuring, valuation, modelling and regulation), banking (including treasury products, corporate banking, operation risk, risk management and trade finance), project finance, accounting topics and tax as well as financial modelling andthe implementation of Goods Sales Tax (VAT).

Enigma’s objective is not just about classroom training but about cultivating the next generation of successful finance professionals. Whether entry level new hires taking first steps toward a career in finance or for the more seasoned professional who wants to develop his or her knowledge of complex valuation topics, our coursework provides that “extra edge” when time is of the essence.

Click here (to embed link) to see a variety of up-coming training courses and conferences listed. Enigma has also a dedicated team that specialises with tailoring training courses for your in-house needs please contact:

Bilina Patt – Head of Training for Europe and Middle East


Telephone: +44 203 769 7910

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