Digital Marketing within Pharmaceuticals

The internet is a power tool that if used correctly can enhance and raise brand awareness provide information as well as be used to promote sales via increasing presence.

With competition within the pharmaceutical industry rife it is critical that pharmaceutical brands who want to gain an edge in their marketing need to use it effectively. Pharmaceutical brands can use digital channels for any aspect of the marketing mix, from sparking discussion and building brand image to driving sales leads and supporting customer service. There are tools and techniques that support corporate communications and lobbying objectives, as well as new ways to listen to the market. Used smartly these marketing tools can boost brand equity, drive purchase intent and help you reach new prospective customers – as well as increasing purchase value and volumes among existing customers.

Why you should attend:
  • Develop a clear picture of how digital marketing including social media can work for your company.
  • Understand how digital marketing can be used within the guidelines set.
  • Learn how to use digital marketing can enhance your brand reputation and help you to engage directly with the end user – the general public.
  • Discover how to run your digital marketing effectively to get the maximum return on a minimal time investment.
  • Come away with concrete next steps to achieve success in digital marketing.
The Trainer

The trainer is an online coach who specializes in the corporate leadership and social media arena. A certified Content Marketing Professional (with Copyblogger Media LLB), and a Professional Coach (endorsed by the International Coaching Federation), she holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Major in MIS) from McGill University, Canada and a Masters in Education from Sheffield University, UK.

Where and when

4th -5th November 2015, London, UK

More details

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