Digital Brand Strategy Masterclass

The world’s leading brands are renowned for delivering engaging and emotionally charged digital experiences but most brands fail miserably when they ‘go digital’. Why? They blindly rush to use Facebook, Twitter, email or other digital tools without considering how they can be used to express their brand cohesively. The result is a fragmented digital brand strategy, confused customers and ultimately disappointing financial performance.

This highly interactive two-day Brand Strategy Masterclass uses “The Digital Brand Strategy CanvasTM” so participants do not make the same mistake. The Canvas is a robust and practical management tool that takes participants, step by step, through the process of defining their brand in detail before they learn how to express it digitally. The Canvas output then feeds directly into a digital brand strategy document so delegates have tangible and immediate actions they can start to implement the next day.

Why you should attend:
  • Understand how to structure a clear and concise digital brand strategy based on the "Digital Brand Strategy CanvasTM"
  • Discover how to build a consistent and cohesive brand experience using a broad range of digital tools
  • Obtain unique insights on how to profile your customers as the basis for crafting engaging digital brand experiences
  • Appreciate why "co-creation" and "experiences" should be the cornerstones of your digital brand strategy
  • Know the increasingly important role content plays in digital branding
  • Build your digital brand strategy based on the latest neuroscientific knowledge
  • Realise why understanding the “jobs” your target customers need to get done should shape your digital brand strategy
  • Appreciate why brand essentials (values, essence, promise, personality and positioning) need to be articulated before you
The Trainer

The trainer is an online coach who specializes in the corporate leadership and social media arena. A certified Content Marketing Professional (with Copyblogger Media LLB), and a Professional Coach (endorsed by the International Coaching Federation), she holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Major in MIS) from McGill University, Canada and a Masters in Education from Sheffield University, UK.

Where and when

This is event is in Dubai, UAE on the 28th – 29th October 2015.

More details

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