Conducting a Workplace Investigation

Conducting a workplace investigation can be a difficult task. An investigation into employee wrongdoing can be expensive, time consuming and disruptive to organizational moral. It can certainly lead to a number of legal issues and other unexpected complications if it is not conducted in an ethnical, transparent manner with the utmost care and confidentiality.

On the other hand, the well-run investigation can enhance a company’s welfare, which can help detect and recover the source of lost assets, identify responsible culprits and recover losses. It can also provide a solid defense to legal challenges raised by sacked or disgruntled employees. But crucially, an internal investigation will signal to other employees that the organization will not tolerate misconduct.

The workplace investigation course will guide you through every step of an internal investigation into potential fraud or misconduct, from receiving the initial allegation to testifying as a witness.

In this course, you will learn how to lead an investigation with accuracy and confidence by gaining knowledge about various topics, such as relevant legal aspects of workplace investigations, using computers in an investigation, collecting and analyzing internal and external data, interviewing witnesses, suspects and writing investigation reports.

This facilitator-led course includes a relevant practical workplace case scenario, which you will work through from beginning to resolution. This will provide a practical foundation for you to effectively manage internal investigations in your own organization.

Why you should attend:

This training will help you understand –

  • Conduct an effective investigation
  • Highlight legal issues that might arise during an investigation.
  • Use computer and internet technology to make your investigations more effective.
  • Collect/ Analyze internal and external documents.
  • Conduct witness and suspect interviews
  • Testify as a witness.
The Trainer

The trainer has over 12 years Investigation and Interview experience as a Detective with Greater Manchester Police. The Greater Manchester Police is among the most advanced practitioners of modern interviewing anywhere in the world and recently featured on the BBC Television programmes Eyewitness. In his last role with Greater Manchester Police, Jonathan was an Advanced Specialist Tier 3 Interviewer and a Qualified Trainer in the field of Investigative Interviewing. To be eligible for this role as a Trainer the essential skills required included being a Tier 3 Specialist. In Greater Manchester Police, a Police Force with over 8000 officers, there are approximately 100 Specialists, which gives you an idea of Jonathan´s skills as an investigator and interviewer.

Where and when

29th – 30th October 2015 I Park Royal Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

More details

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