Competency Based Interview (cbi) Techniques To Interview,retain & Motivate Gen X And Gen Y

Acquiring and retaining the right talent is critical for the survival of any organization, especially in today’s highly competitive business world. Successful recruiters should understand the "I want it all now" mentality of Gen Y. The traditional recruitment techniques may not be sufficient to identify the right talent especially among the Gen Y. A Competency Based Interview (CBI) is based on specific examples which are elicited to demonstrate that the candidate has specific qualities, skills and knowledge and demonstrates the behaviours that you need for the role, and that they have them to the level you require. This approach is based on the principle that past performance is the best predictor of future performance. The CBI approach is targeted in getting the right people for the right job. The techniques of asking the right questions is so critical to help generate valuable information about the competency and capacity of the new recruit to undertake the job. We often find candidates rehearsed their interviews so well that we were impressed only to discover later that they can’t deliver what they told us in the interview. This will be the thing of the past if our interviews apply the competency based approach. The principle behind CBI is that past behaviour is a good predictor of future job performance.

Why you should attend:

This training will help you understand –

  • DESCRIBE fundamental principles of CBI
  • EXPLAIN the objective of CBI.
  • DESCRIBE how competency profiling contribute to CBI.
  • DETERMINE 9 elements to attract and retain talented Gen Y
  • RECOGNIZE preparation required for CBI
  • APPLY STAR approach for CBI
The Trainer

The trainer has 25 years of working experience in management and training. He is listed in Malaysian Industry Expert Directory (Direktori Pakar Industri Negara) & certified trainer by Malaysian Human Resource Development Council. He is an expert in adopting adult learning principles to ensure effective teaching and learning process.

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