Become a Rock Star Leader

This four day event is aimed at giving you an overview into organisational behaviour, change management, transformational leadership, and strategic execution. This course will bridge the gap between formal executive education and real world executive execution. You’ll learn how leaders transform chaos into order, failure into success, and losses into spectacular results whilst learning at each and every step. Attain leadership supremacy and dramatically exceed the abilities of mediocre performers by attending this 4-day program with world-class thought leader and trainer.

This is a challenging experience for participants our trainer combines intensive workshop instruction and practice with comprehensive support materials. It is intensive, it is in-depth and distinctively unique to anything delegates have ever endured.

Why you should attend:
  • LEVERAGE current strengths successfully
  • GENERATE ‘next-level’ strategies to break through current productivity levels
  • BUILD a community and network of supporting stakeholders
  • ESTABLISH a position of thought-leadership with stakeholders, staff and peers
  • ADAPT and IMPLEMENT powerful business philosophies
  • ENGAGE in exceptional leadership and masterful management
  • MASTER successful, practical change management
  • APPLY pragmatic approaches to business negotiations for cooperative success
The Trainer

Our trainer is an accomplished author with over 6 books under his name. He has over 20 year’s hands on experience within the areas of strategic development, planning and implementation. A consultant to the top 5oo Fortune companies he is a trainer you cannot afford to miss.

Where and when

19th to 22nd May, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

More details

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